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10.11.2016 02:01
Bong. Bonglalala,,


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OttoVarKLay 17.11.2016 09:00
Papyru, Tommynaut fan love
Papyru 17.11.2016 05:29
OttoVarKLay Mine is Tommynaut :D
OttoVarKLay 15.11.2016 01:01
Papyru, on account of the words in my characters perfect ,I love to imitate them and the characters wonderful .My favorite character is Vohnout
Papyru 15.11.2016 00:42
OttoVarKLay Hm... I didn't know? I watched a lot of reviews on it and people were disappointed with the short story and voice acting, but I honestly sorta liked it XD
OttoVarKLay 13.11.2016 21:24
Papyru, look at it is epic ,but the story and puzzles are too simple ._.
Papyru 12.11.2016 23:41
OttoVarKLay aWESOME!! It looks so good :"D
OttoVarKLay 12.11.2016 23:14
Papyru, I've already played
Papyru 12.11.2016 23:11
OttoVarKLay aaa YES! I really wanna play his newer game Armikrog
OttoVarKLay 12.11.2016 23:09
Papyru, OMG Doug Tennapel !!!!
I love it
Papyru 12.11.2016 23:05
OttoVarKLay Ah yes, I still have yet to read more of Doug Tennapel's comics. They are lovely