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Walking -Questions in description-

23.12.2016 16:09
(cutespacetail:P) what is: an OC, and how to post a toon in the comments? ♥
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WinterFoxx 25.12.2016 17:18
Flyingpenguins, thank you
Flyingpenguins 25.12.2016 01:28
Flyingpenguins 25.12.2016 01:28
To post a toon in the comments
you basically copy and past the url of the toon by using ctrl c and ctrl v
WinterFoxx 24.12.2016 10:13
lopia2 24.12.2016 03:56
oc is an original character and copy the HTML and paste in desc.
fegbooger 23.12.2016 20:42
Tapsifules 23.12.2016 20:37
taiiiiil :P
Temmie_Animation 23.12.2016 20:31
Awww, I love what it's wearing it makes it more cute!
WinterFoxx 23.12.2016 19:42
snailshouse, LoganMcdee, thank you :ˇ3
snailshouse 23.12.2016 19:32
ahhhh this is adorable