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kdkdkjweq finally,,

23.08.2018 05:11
wowow okay so uh yeah here take my folder
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Fluffowuffo 23.08.2018 05:27
Dodobroking11, The account's dead for now; I'll liven it up again when I find the time (school started, so I might be busy with homework now. During summer, I was working on my Discord servers. That's why this died again, but it will be revived eventually, hopefully soon).
-AshFlame- 23.08.2018 05:12
R0YALS, Dodobroking11, yea but i got perm to post so I just did shrug
R0YALS 23.08.2018 05:11
i mean rarely anyone on it
Dodobroking11 23.08.2018 05:11
i thought it was dead