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11.02.2021 18:54
smash ultamite is dope. But the problem with smash is the nugget online servers. I just wish nintendo swicth online was actually worth while, like playstation plus or xbox gold. instead, were stuck with mobile network lag and speed. Worst part about it is that it's peer to peer. So if you have a bad connection the entire lobby your in is screwed or vise versa.
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Bububooo3 02.03.2021 22:40
no more flash, no more smash.
Bububooo3 02.03.2021 22:40
super smash flash is dead
DogoDrawer 11.02.2021 22:22
I would pay for among us steam version instead of paying 25 dollars on switch to play among us!
kraftcheese 11.02.2021 22:10
Zatch fact! it's the principle of the thing
YurFam 11.02.2021 22:09
Zatch, true. Playstation be asking for 60$ while Microsoft be asking almost 100$.
DogoDrawer 11.02.2021 22:09
Zatch, true i agree
DogoDrawer 11.02.2021 22:09
why did i say that
DogoDrawer 11.02.2021 22:08
True True
DogoDrawer 11.02.2021 22:08
i mean its your choice. If its good for you.
YurFam 11.02.2021 22:04
DogoDrawer, I actually have to make sure a save 20$ a year to play salmon run & or laggy smash bros free-for-all.