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ready. aim. re-play!

16.03.2018 23:32
im sad. this was ment to be a draft but for some reason it wouldent let me hit the draft butten ;_; i will finish it when i can XD this was ment to be long too, like 200+ frames!


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Zax_Sketches 17.03.2018 00:14
Offel is my old new account
Zax_Sketches 17.03.2018 00:12
_Disaster_, someone hacked Offel and stole your toon
_Disaster_ 16.03.2018 23:57
DrawInTheDark, thanks, this is sorta my playing around with the cam and what not
_Disaster_ 16.03.2018 23:56
_Drag0ns, FlyAway_, Vibe_, thank you!
DrawInTheDark 16.03.2018 23:55
the angle is vey well done!! and the cam!! <3
Vibe_ 16.03.2018 23:52
draft or not, still looks really awesome!
FlyAway_ 16.03.2018 23:34
OMG WOW! and mine does the same thing sometimes and the i have post XD
_Drag0ns 16.03.2018 23:33