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06.06.2020 10:05
Just sumfing basic. Nothin' special. My apologies about my previous toon, btw. I honestly don't know what I was thinkin' when I was making it, let alone posting it. Sure, it's not that bad, but I suppose it was out of line and uncalled for. But, it could be worse. At least it isn't something akin to that one anon person that makes fucked stuff. They on the sniffy dust or sum shizz...
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DeSpAcItUs 11.06.2020 19:47
Fusing, =D Yes pls!
Fusing 11.06.2020 07:56
DeSpAcItUs, Damn, yo. Happy I could inspire you to try it out! I could give you some tips if you'd like
Fusing 11.06.2020 07:55
Raine_Rain, I suppose it could be, but it's just a lot of getting used to. Of course, it is nowhere near as complicated as something like college level of animation. Just something that can be looked into, really.
Raine_Rain 11.06.2020 00:02
For me this is complicated
DeSpAcItUs 10.06.2020 19:15
Fusing, Nowhere near as good as this but I tried stills
DeSpAcItUs 10.06.2020 19:14
Fusing, Still impressive doe! I saw this and got inspired so made a stickboi animation.
Fusing 10.06.2020 12:20
DeSpAcItUs, Not too long. However, the use of copy paste frames was a bit of a crutch, I will admit.
DeSpAcItUs 10.06.2020 00:55
How long did this take?
BooBooBunny555 07.06.2020 20:27
This is dope
-Human_Person- 07.06.2020 02:56
why tho this is good