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06.06.2020 10:05
Just sumfing basic. Nothin' special. My apologies about my previous toon, btw. I honestly don't know what I was thinkin' when I was making it, let alone posting it. Sure, it's not that bad, but I suppose it was out of line and uncalled for. But, it could be worse. At least it isn't something akin to that one anon person that makes fucked stuff. They on the sniffy dust or sum shizz...
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Fusing 07.06.2020 02:46
They fr put me in sandbox, I'm pissed
Lighter_Gaming1 06.06.2020 14:54
s m o o t h c r i m a n a l . y e s i h a v e a c e v i v e d c o m e d y
poxem 06.06.2020 14:12
Fusing, bith stahp u gon make me blush,,,
Fusing 06.06.2020 10:39
Killmepls37, I would say reverse card, but your animations aren't smooth, yet somehow you effortlessly pull it off
Killmepls37 06.06.2020 10:35
smooth as always
Fusing 06.06.2020 10:34
poxem, This means a metric ton, coming from you, man
poxem 06.06.2020 10:33
i love this