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16.04.2021 11:00
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I'm more on youtube. Still trying to get better at animation but I got burnout. Colleg sucks
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Nynxia 19.05.2021 22:20
FLUNKEET, ?????????
FLUNKEET 19.05.2021 22:19
hi I am Nynxia's brother is she your friend. She wont tell me
enzo193 13.05.2021 21:43
Nynxia 07.05.2021 02:43
im bored does anybody wanna do a colab ;-;
FLUNKEET 06.05.2021 23:52
roquangardner 27.04.2021 01:58
ok thanks
Talia8Pie 26.04.2021 23:59
roquangardner, the thing I suggest is NextGen, however despite it being very industry focused, it does not focus solely on animation. So I think you just need to sit down and do research and ask your teachers for help
roquangardner 26.04.2021 19:11
do any one know any animation college I want to be an animator some day
enzo193 23.04.2021 18:05
Bububooo3 22.04.2021 23:50
who_why, Even though most people comment and then immediately leave and don't check for a response, click on the link to tim 's account and then use the toonator extension he made