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.:Zc ref:.

18.05.2019 18:21
FINALLY....I MADE A REF OF HER. (I mean notthe first time b u t ) nobody knows about Zc's origin, (before she met neel, and she would like to keep it that way.) Zc is a hyper, rude, agressive, mean, jerk, that will bite your left feet oof. she gets more tiked off the older she becomes, theres multiple AU's for her, and she has died, and killed herself multiple times. the only way to kill her for good is to murder her with wa t e r in her enderless form. (the purple form, not the blue one) Zc spends her time dissing my other personas and insulting her friends.she could be nnice if she really wants to, but being a jerk to everyone makes her feel like shes the queen of egypT. Zc HATES, Zmc, and my other personas, and never give her catnip, or call her a rat :D



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