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09.02.2021 20:15
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bububooo 10.02.2021 22:49
Epicxz, 2006
Epicxz 10.02.2021 22:44
crabappels, you literally said some oldschool toons are bad because it had a swear in it you stupid troll
Epicxz 10.02.2021 22:43
RowanDarling470, that exactly one of the reasons why i called her a troll
crabappels 10.02.2021 22:31
Hell no how abt epicxz and bububoo leave me alone i leave them alone and nobody has to fight how abt that?!
RowanDarling470 10.02.2021 22:15
stop fighting on the toons in oldschool.

go make a toon in sandbox and fight on that, go and fight on a drawing of Epicxz 's or crabappels 's
Epicxz 10.02.2021 22:12
bububooo, 2004? 2006?
Epicxz 10.02.2021 22:11
Epicxz 10.02.2021 22:11
bububooo, true she doesnt even animate anymore so we have rights to call her a troll
crabappels 10.02.2021 22:06
Just please dont talk to me just stop
crabappels 10.02.2021 22:04
STOP TALKING TO ME IM 9 and how do i know i dont really care go away