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09.02.2021 20:15
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Pop cat version kiki's delivery service
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bububooo 10.02.2021 21:43
crabappels, it came out 2001 XD
Fan_Art 10.02.2021 21:37
Bruh crabappels your the cringiest 5 year old I've ever seen. . .
I'm 11 and I know that. Also 5 year old's don't do well n this website so I advise you to leave.
crabappels 10.02.2021 21:22
One my dad took roblox off my comuter i didnt say all teens were stupid and epicxz STAY OUT OF CONVERSATIONS THAT DOSE NOT CONSERN YOU. And roblox is dumb its came out in 2008 bruh stilt
Epicxz 10.02.2021 21:12
crabappels, spolt.
Epicxz 10.02.2021 21:11
-__-__-__-__-__-, lol my friend said that when he was nine LMAIOOAOAOASGS NGHKVJ,VKL
RowanDarling470 10.02.2021 20:56
crabappels teen's are stereotypically stupid, we're not all stupid.
-__-__-__-__-__- 10.02.2021 20:45
crabappels, LMAO us teens may be stupid but we're not as stupid as 9 year olds. you're the kind of kid who would try and scam someone by saying your dad made roblox
crabappels 10.02.2021 20:44
pop pop ppooopppooppopp
crabappels 10.02.2021 20:43
hear somthin ... NOPE.
bububooo 10.02.2021 20:40
You don't pay attention do you.