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09.02.2021 20:15
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crabappels 10.02.2021 20:43
hear somthin ... NOPE.
bububooo 10.02.2021 20:40
You don't pay attention do you.
crabappels 10.02.2021 20:39
sorry spelled head wrong
crabappels 10.02.2021 20:38
one i did zoom with my bestie two GOD he filled all yall hads the teens are even more stupid
crabappels 10.02.2021 20:37
and bububoo why are you still here ? i f your leaveing till new editor i was gonna till i came out too but i wanted to make sure some one dosent clog up comments so eh .But what about you why are you here? Sorry about this i don know WHY AM I STILL TYPING
-__-__-__-__-__- 10.02.2021 20:35
Epicxz, crabappels, jeez but i dont remember being that toxic when i was 9
*remembers literally everything i did to my best friend and everything i said on the internet*
now i remember
crabappels 10.02.2021 20:35
*shivers* ughhhh
crabappels 10.02.2021 20:34
bububooo 10.02.2021 20:02
bc it's that time where you still act like a kid, but you think you're an adult because well, you're nine, and most people under 10 think that being 9 means you're old and have experience. For example, if she went up to a six year old and said she was nine, they would treat her like a queen. That's how child logic works.
bububooo 10.02.2021 20:01
q-qijy, everyone's toxic when they're nine