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BAAAD Bad combo

14.08.2016 01:09
Not very experienced with stick fights soooooo... this sucks XDD Happy Tooning, Toonators!


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Fusing 07.03.2020 09:15
Ansonlin360, Lol, thanks, I feel like i've improved a drastic amount
Ansonlin360 06.03.2020 20:14
WOAH you've gotten like 100x better on the remake
Fusing 04.03.2020 19:01
-__-__-__-__-__-, 1st, you're pretty cool, you're really nice
2nd I used to be a fricken keyboard warrior (aka an absolute internet asshole) so if anything, these people were lucky if I didn't tell at them
3rd, I am pretty lucky to have been here so long, I just wish I spent my time better
-__-__-__-__-__- 04.03.2020 10:48
never thought i'd see this person say ''not very experienced with stick fights.'' EVER....

but really yall in this comment section are lucky for knowing him back then

actually ur just lucky u have been here a while cause im not cool ;w;
macrozero 14.08.2016 03:35
Fusing 14.08.2016 01:50
lol thx
EndlessStyless 14.08.2016 01:27
i think it looks great ^W^ better then me lol