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First Animation Ever!

11.05.2019 17:29
IDK you guys tell me wut to draw plz i dunno im really bad at animating because of my horrible mouse ;-;
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Cherrystar90 11.05.2019 21:28
Thx your so nice... :)
ebanygamesonfnaf 11.05.2019 18:17
Cherrystar90, i'm not gonna judge. i just didn't know it was a mistake.
Cherrystar90 11.05.2019 17:46
I know it was my first mistake plz dont judge i published it before finishing the animation ;-;
ebanygamesonfnaf 11.05.2019 17:44
thanatophobia, oh. dunno.
thanatophobia 11.05.2019 17:41
ebanygamesonfnaf, no i know, i mean the picture
ebanygamesonfnaf 11.05.2019 17:40
thanatophobia, i think they thought it was an animation. i wanna correct them on that.
thanatophobia 11.05.2019 17:38
wait, what is it supposed to be?
ebanygamesonfnaf 11.05.2019 17:31
can i correct you on something please?
Cherrystar90 11.05.2019 17:29
oof i made the vid before i even edited it ;-; this is going to be halarious