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27.04.2019 23:18
okay, here's Uvesti. I haven't done a colored picture in a while, the lines are so fric'in shaky


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canadian-leaf205 28.04.2019 06:03
JacksonAnimates, that might be a good idea coz offset will return to his mainform after a while with is a lil boi
JacksonAnimates 28.04.2019 05:56
canadian-leaf205, Okay??? Just not have him come near or 'protecc' Uvesti at all. He doesn't need protection, he's a sylvian
canadian-leaf205 28.04.2019 05:54
canadian-leaf205, themself*****
FLIPPY_WOLF 28.04.2019 05:54
JacksonAnimates, i just literally comment on everything....cause im dumb and don't think what could happen if i do
canadian-leaf205 28.04.2019 05:53
JacksonAnimates, Also yeh again if the bean boi tried to frick offsett offset would either make himself like a ghost as in hell just go through the doggo or near kill him.
FLIPPY_WOLF 28.04.2019 05:53
JacksonAnimates, no......
JacksonAnimates 28.04.2019 05:52
FLIPPY_WOLF wait that was supposed to go to you
canadian-leaf205 28.04.2019 05:50
JacksonAnimates 28.04.2019 05:49
canadian-leaf205, that was pretty punny
FLIPPY_WOLF 28.04.2019 05:48
canadian-leaf205, oooooh KANKAI.....KAI,,,,,