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27.04.2019 23:18
okay, here's Uvesti. I haven't done a colored picture in a while, the lines are so fric'in shaky


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canadian-leaf205 28.04.2019 04:13
JacksonAnimates, I will hug
JacksonAnimates 28.04.2019 04:13
Cashew_Studios, he loves you and anyone who'll pay him the time of day
canadian-leaf205 28.04.2019 04:13
Cashew_Studios, again I commented with the wrong acc
Cashew_Studios 28.04.2019 04:11
I remember this cutie! I also remember how much I love him
JacksonAnimates 28.04.2019 02:21
WolfThatAnimates, thank you
WolfThatAnimates 28.04.2019 02:17
Hello old friend, this looks beautiful.
JacksonAnimates 27.04.2019 23:52
capp, one of my oldest toon originated characters
capp 27.04.2019 23:51
mmm cutIE