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Small rant. (comments)

03.04.2019 20:55
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Awkward__Artist 10.04.2019 14:25
Kotsuko, I can't really help it when it's a contest entry up for everyone to see.
Kotsuko 10.04.2019 06:33
Whatever happens happens, I mean I had tONS of regrettable stuff I did when I was still an archaeologist. It's too painful to look back now so I advise you not to do the same. :)
Awkward__Artist 10.04.2019 03:07
UltraMarshmallow, I can't find it now.
UltraMarshmallow 10.04.2019 02:44
whats the animation that you commented on??
Awkward__Artist 04.04.2019 02:33
SlenderLicky, How can I when they blocked me?
SlenderLicky 03.04.2019 23:14
Hummmmmmmm. I have stuff happen like this happen.. Best to ignore an tell em not to do et again.
Awkward__Artist 03.04.2019 21:00
Just realised how bad the proportions in this drawing are.
Awkward__Artist 03.04.2019 20:55
Okay, so one guy recreated some frames from one of my older toons that I'm not really that proud of due to the quality of the animation itself. I made a joke along the lines of "This brings me back to that dumb animation I made. This physically hurts me." I know I don't have the best sense of humor, but it was intended to be a joke. k? Later on, one kid mistook my joke for me actually getting offended. I was going to try to clear up the situation with them, but I couldn't think of what to say at the time. Now, I was able to think of how I wanted to respond, but it turns out the dude who made the animation blocked me. I know what I said wasn't really funny and this may just be me not understanding anything from everyone else's perspective, but I thought it was an obvious joke. I had no intention of offending anyone or looking offended. This dude also might just be a troll who doesn't want to put up with the comments of the artist who's work they "referenced". idk what else to add here, just wanted to put this out there.