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Any Passer Tips? (i want it)

14.05.2018 03:21
I really want to prove myself to be passer. Any tips ;v;
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BitHazza 16.05.2018 14:15
longer anims with more quality, there has to be balance and add in a few coloured anims no stills until you get there
THEROLEPLAYER_ 14.05.2018 03:38
Shadow-Darkness 14.05.2018 03:37
Dragrawrxxx, wait what............ HOW R U NOT PASSER WHAT THE FLIP!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
FLIPIN HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DaleksOfSkaro 14.05.2018 03:36
Use very little copied frames, and that is about it. Your art quality is good enough as is.
Unpopular 14.05.2018 03:36
this may seem time consuming but i would recommend doing art study on the fundamentals of animation. analyzing other techniques used in smooth animations by other people helps too, it lets you observe what they do and then you can practice it yourself (use your own animation concept though!) there are such things known as squash and stretch, smear frames, arcs, etc.

for example, i took inspiration from peeks and bobthedragon ! (bob made an excellent tutorial on smooth animations that can be found on his page!) there's different timing on things, and making something appear to be 'inbetween' others (hence the phrase inbetweening)

let's say that i wanted to make a headbob animation. i draw the start of the animation, then make a new frame where the character's head is lower yet the shoulders are higher. then, i go back to the first frame and make a new frame, click on the first then last frame and finally the middle empty frame and draw an inbetween connecting the two frames! next, i do that with the first and middle frame, connect those, and then the middle and final frame. you can do as many as you want, however it is up to your personal preference on what you want the timing to be.

keep in mind sketching is always important too! and it also helps to zoom in as well. what i usually do is click draw, i draw a dot to make sure that the drawing thing recognizes that im drawing on it, press z, then right click and click zoom in, then do it again and click zoom out, and then press f! that takes you into fullscreen mode. to exit fullscreen mode, press f again, but if you really dont want to be in fullscreen mode (because it glitches a bit) you'll have to save it as a draft and return to it by clicking drafts or all toons and clicking the toon, then clicking continue.

you can use my toons for reference too if you'd like!

notice how bonnie is looking down, yet the next frames show that he is moving forward yet down? then skip to the 5th frame, where he abruptly moves up but it sort of serves as an inbetween in a way because of the way he slows down at the end.

this one is a headbobbing animation! my character starts off normal, with a few frames that aren't exactly drawn in the same position but are purposely drawn to show that she is slightly moving up, and then the other frame shows that she is at a lower spot! 2 more frames do the same job as the beginning of the animation, with another inbetween connecting the return back up from the bottom. she is then popping back up a bit more than the start of the animation, with another frame to connect that to the beginning.

sorry if this is alot to read x'D but i hope it helps !
Dragrawrxxx 14.05.2018 03:30
its okay Realizations !
Dragrawrxxx 14.05.2018 03:30
THEROLEPLAYER_ 14.05.2018 03:27
your a potential passer as if already, your toons are good!
Realizations 14.05.2018 03:26
sorry if It sounded like that, I meant really as like a confused thing, sorry if it offended you. ;n;
Dragrawrxxx 14.05.2018 03:25
oh okay. I was like: uhh