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Okay guys so um what

17.06.2019 17:44
Okay guys so I think my body is a weirdo because today I had to clutch my tummy and breathe heavily even though I'm not ill (Or pregnant OwO) and also my second biggest toe on my right foot sometimes gets stuck in a weird position and then it hurts like mad so um what is hapening? Is it simply a growth spurt? Am I going to turn into Hulk and minute now? Is it the sign of a Thanos snap??? Let me know in the comments below!!
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toonimator_101 17.06.2019 22:32
UltraMarshmallow, Lol Idk why I put that XD
UltraMarshmallow 17.06.2019 20:05
''or pregnant owo"
im sorry i ca n t-
toonimator_101 17.06.2019 17:51
firehorsegirl, Oh yeah I get a pinched nerve on my legs also because when I curl up into a ball for too long I can't get up but like that's bad XD
toonimator_101 17.06.2019 17:49
firehorsegirl, Oh okay ty because I was scared for a moment I was turning into a deformed creature of some kind so thanks :D
firehorsegirl 17.06.2019 17:47
the stomach thing is probably either a back issue, growth spurts, or the lack of exercise, only 3 things i can think of- if you dont think its one of those you can google it
and the toe thing is just a pinched nerve, i have the same thing and its normal to an extent. if it gets stuck that way or if the pain gets worse then get help