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Practicing using a mouse again.

13.04.2019 18:21
Looks okay, but I'm really not happy with it.
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Awkward__Artist 13.04.2019 19:53
cyan_studios, idk. I don't keep track of that stuff.
cyan_studios 13.04.2019 19:51
That is a very good job for a mouse. How long did it take?
Sketched-hope 13.04.2019 18:40
holy, i wish I could draw like this with a mouse-
when I draw with a mouse it looks like something from the depths of ms paint.
J_M_ 13.04.2019 18:37
for a mouse- this looks p good
Awkward__Artist 13.04.2019 18:33
zefuro, Could be better.
zefuro 13.04.2019 18:32
Looks great!