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08.05.2020 10:49
Just some particle practice, seeing as I don't know what else to make. I would appreciate a few requests (maybe even a collab, if anyone is interested). Also, fuck Voldemort, The Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour, and beer.
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Fusing 12.05.2020 23:18
actiasluna, Of course <3!
actiasluna 12.05.2020 20:16
Fusing, well I mean that's ur opinion man.....................
(in other words, thank yoouuuu <3)
Fusing 12.05.2020 07:14
actiasluna, Your work is so fluid and almost professional looking, it's like you're a Klei artist trying to pass time with this Corona dealio. I'm a huge fan of Klei's art style and you absolutely nail it on the spot, and your character performance is wonderful. Your work, overall, is fantastic
actiasluna 12.05.2020 04:32
Fusing, haha h what why
Fusing 09.05.2020 04:39
actiasluna, Oml, thank you so much. I'm really flattered, I love your work!
actiasluna 09.05.2020 04:35
dange dude that's some sicknasty particle work
_StarMoonlight_ 08.05.2020 22:21
Fusing, cool :D
Fusing 08.05.2020 22:04
_StarMoonlight_, I'm down, I'll check out some of your work and see if I'm cool with workin' with ya!
Fusing 08.05.2020 22:03
Strxy, Your username seems familiar, and I'm extremely flattered. I'm happy to have given you inspiration :D
Fusing 08.05.2020 22:02
Maddog420, saltedpopcorn, _krisss_, Thank you all so muchhh!