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24.07.2016 05:50
im honestly jealous of most people on here because your art is so good and loved and farvorited and i go and my art is trash and weird and ugh
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Echogelato 28.07.2016 07:13
cute.YET FUNNY. *claps*
Cherry_Blossom 26.07.2016 03:30
Alphys_, No problem! And yes, really, your art is so fab i cant rate more than infinity/10 cx
Alphys_ 26.07.2016 03:29
Cherry_Blossom, oh, really? thanks! im flattered ^^
Cherry_Blossom 26.07.2016 03:29
It must be opposite day cuz ur art is just amazing, i admire u :0
Koizumi 26.07.2016 02:53
cuz if you're trash then I'm super trash
Koizumi 26.07.2016 02:52
no, you're
not trash
Koizumi 26.07.2016 02:52
wait if you're trash, and you're better than me, what am i???!!!!!!
peridorito 25.07.2016 00:22
Yuki142080 24.07.2016 23:51
that desc. is me
iiRedHeartii 24.07.2016 09:12
Alphys_, i drew something 4 u and other ppl