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My favorite Jojo OP

20.10.2018 21:59
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This is a recreation of the jojo's bizarre adventure opening 2, my favorite one in animation quality, foreshadowing, along with the amazing music i might finish this later and add music!
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DaleksOfSkaro 29.10.2018 17:04
Dodobroking11 29.10.2018 17:00
DaleksOfSkaro, remnant
DaleksOfSkaro 29.10.2018 16:34
Dodobroking11, Also which one, remnant or clarex?
DaleksOfSkaro 29.10.2018 16:34
Dodobroking11, alright, im in school, as i said. Its 8:33 and i get home at 3:00 pm ill start drawing it then.
Dodobroking11 29.10.2018 16:32
DaleksOfSkaro, Draw your character
DaleksOfSkaro 29.10.2018 16:19
Dodobroking11, if you want me to do a legit drawing, i will when i get home, im currently at school and dont have my graphics tablet.
DaleksOfSkaro 29.10.2018 16:18
Dodobroking11, are you referring to the 20 second shitposts? cause i dont do legit art outside of anime on here.
Dodobroking11 29.10.2018 16:16
AThornBush, not be rude but
his normal artstyle when he doesnt draw anime is bad
but when he does its good
it looks very traced
im sorry
AThornBush 29.10.2018 15:48

imma just say:
to me, this doesnt look traced.
people have reanimated anime openings on toon before, so why the fuck are we arguing about it n o wwww
DaleksOfSkaro 29.10.2018 14:43
im done fighting this, no one listens so why do i care try and defend myself, if you would even listen to me, then maybe it could have worked out.