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25.12.2018 05:26
28 медалей
actually started this on 10th dec but i had 2 weeks of artblock,,, fhgfhfg anyway merry xmas, i dont really celebrate it but thought of making a christmas toon for 2018 :)
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WolfThatAnimates 09.02.2019 04:06
SketchZi, Do you use a Wacom?
pupsicle 04.02.2019 03:36
Your skills are amazing. I'm stunned.
nataliku 31.01.2019 10:46
WolfThatAnimates 23.01.2019 05:03
Holy shizzles. 23 medals?! NANI. Life time supply, my friend.
RainbowDood 19.01.2019 22:10
Better than GhostFaceNikol's
JJ-An-Scath 18.01.2019 19:53
WolfHats, yeah I think it's better. I don't know. It looks like SketchZi made it better than the original.
WolfHats 12.01.2019 01:14
i like this one better than theactualsong
AMC 11.01.2019 20:18
*Bombs The Meme*
WolfHats 11.01.2019 00:10
HO-Ho-Holy crap this is amazg
MlXJ3STlC 08.01.2019 19:03
my accomplishment is to be just as amazing as you