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16.12.2016 18:13
OwO hello im sending passer request yay (probably wont take me tho :<) I went from up 2 down
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WinterFoxx 21.02.2017 20:22
Derp_Kat0w0, wanna know how? Pm me
WinterFoxx 21.02.2017 20:22
Derp_Kat0w0, yeah i guess
Derp_Kat0w0 16.01.2017 21:51
wait you can send a passer request???? ;-;
WinterFoxx 04.01.2017 18:26
Lumin, :3
Lumin 02.01.2017 16:20
ohhh that sums it up heh :>
WinterFoxx 02.01.2017 09:48
Lumin, i see why, were friends and we share eachother tips, and styles. And _Cheetah_ suggested me to make a fox using a picture she showed me
Lumin 01.01.2017 23:30
this looks a lot like _Cheetah_..
WinterFoxx 17.12.2016 19:13
fredthegamer123, maybe spend more time on toons?
fredthegamer123 17.12.2016 09:47
i did my request but its still going thro
WinterFoxx 17.12.2016 09:45
fredthegamer123, THANKS!!!