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R0YALS Rules 2019

10.03.2019 02:36
Drawing finished on the 5th, rules updated for the third time yesterday. Rules are here this time: https://www.deviantart.com/fluffowuffo/journal/R0YALS-RULES-2019-788733916 Read them carefully. Yours truly, @Fluffowuffo .
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R0YALS 16.03.2019 06:09
The week after next, I will be holding auditions, but so that current members can still have the rest of the month, I won't actually switch out the members until the first of April, okie? - Fluffowuffo
R0YALS 12.03.2019 07:33
Oh, and members can begin to make things on here now, btw. :v

Oh! And I didn't mention this in the rules (I suppose since it's not really a rule XD) but not only do I wish for those of you on here to post here, but I wanna be able to get R0YALS known more on Multator again! So can some people post on there occasionally (if you're to draw on there, it has to be a very good drawing, 'cause their drawing system is different than on here)? thanks! :D

- Fluffowuffo
R0YALS 10.03.2019 22:58
__FusH__, aaa thank you! >w< - Fluffowuffo
__FusH__ 10.03.2019 10:28
out of topic: I love Pekto's face in this ;w;
R0YALS 10.03.2019 05:03
I have updated Rule 3 a slight bit on the journal linked in the description, and now have a journal for our current members: https://www.deviantart.com/fluffowuffo/journal/Current-R0YALS-Members-788950975

- Fluffowuffo
R0YALS 10.03.2019 02:39
I forget if I included this, but you'll know that auditions are open when the R0YALS avatar is set to this toon:

Also, I swear my style is having some sort of odd style change literally every time I draw oof. - Fluffowuffo