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Going to the darkness ┌( `ー´)┘

31.12.2018 20:17
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I-IdoubtfurbyI-I 01.01.2019 00:42
w o a h
JacksonAnimates 31.12.2018 21:55
this is beautiful
Wylieguy 31.12.2018 21:16
I am unworthy! I AM UNWORTHY! It's so beautiful...
WolfHats 31.12.2018 21:15
Oh ok srry um what language do you speak fluently then? I sorta know spansih
ratthew212 31.12.2018 21:07
Wow this is amazing!!!
Hidier 31.12.2018 21:06
WolfHats, I'm really really sorry, english isn't my mother language :C I don't really understand what are you trying to say
pixelchan 31.12.2018 20:59
Hidier, np
WolfHats 31.12.2018 20:57
No I mean like are you switching to the site drawn
Hidier 31.12.2018 20:51
WolfHats, Do you mean this particular cartoon? If so, then nope. It's finished.
pixelchan, Thanks!
JJ-An-Scath 31.12.2018 20:49