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Having a older sibling...

29.11.2017 07:29
...isn't really the best sometimes isn't it?


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TehHyperGamer 28.12.2017 19:26
Sorry i'm going with the older brother here. I mean LOOK at the SIZE of that muffin! He only took a small part of it compared to the whole thing! The younger brother still gets more.
imjustweird2004 05.12.2017 01:48
*cough cough* im the older sibling... heh oops
-AshFlame- 05.12.2017 01:30
Noodled, Relatable
-AshFlame- 05.12.2017 01:30
chibisenpai, I'm the youngest too ;-;
chibisenpai 04.12.2017 08:17
I relate to this 100% I'm the youngest child and my sisters are 20 and 16.They always take advantage of me and when I make myself snacks, they eat them all *shrieks in pain, of being the youngest*
Noodled 04.12.2017 04:53
im a girl with a older brother (1000000000 x worse
-AshFlame- 03.12.2017 21:42
I have two older brothers.

Feel my suffering. :'>
KENAAAAA-- 02.12.2017 04:44
Stringyy, you always have a knife by your side
KENAAAAA-- 02.12.2017 04:44
i don't mean to offend the older siblings in this but this is just based on the characters themselves xd
Stringyy 01.12.2017 22:30
My older siblings know not to mess with my food :^)