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Workaholic Pride flag

19.06.2019 15:54
The Grey Represents the industrial workspace you work in. The light grey represents the insomnia you take on from your 12 hour shift. The Purple represents the dark circles that are under your eyes from lack of sleep. The light green represents the glow from your office monitor in the dark hours of the night. The green stripe represents material wealth, and the Blue stripe represents the unfulfilling life you live.


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PuppyLove20 26.01.2021 22:08
Haha great job!!
susimi 05.06.2020 16:06
-__-Friends-__-, yeah yeah, eat bees, we get it
-__-Friends-__- 05.06.2020 02:52
Prohibere, noli. Si vis pacem, para bellum. Hoc bellum est. Aut vincere aut mori.
Yemmie 02.06.2020 02:03
very cool
Dreamerr 11.05.2020 19:22
KunaWolf 24.03.2020 01:21
g o d
Serulii 14.02.2020 13:55
this.. this
Fwisk 19.06.2019 16:02
thank you toonator user susimi.
Skailser 19.06.2019 16:02
we need this