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Bang bang

13.05.2018 09:55
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takashisenpai18 15.05.2018 03:34
takashisenpai18 15.05.2018 03:34
i wish that toon really shot me in the head
icri 14.05.2018 15:30
rip volume on max
DapperVoxlyy 14.05.2018 10:19
CatOnCaffeine, Yeah boy,
become an expert at 3 fingers. they are the main ones I usually use for drawing anyway
DapperVoxlyy 14.05.2018 10:19
Igor2077, CornyCrud, thanks
_Disaster_, not 5 years on this site, I meant over my whole life. I have been on toonator for only about 1 and a half
Hallybuy56 14.05.2018 02:14
Hallybuy56, Its the clapping hands
Hallybuy56 14.05.2018 02:14
AudreyDraws 14.05.2018 00:53
blat blat
CatOnCaffeine 14.05.2018 00:28
Did you manage to do this with a broken finger? This is amazing.
FG_FatalHydra 13.05.2018 22:09
I personally woulda changed the face up a bit.. but hey, it's still way better than I could have done, awesome loop, as it accounts for the recoil, :D thumbs up.