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Hey guys did you know a fish lived before it died?

05.12.2020 20:50
it lived before it died :)
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Potato-blurbs 07.12.2020 05:23
hello :)
ItJustSticks 05.12.2020 23:49
This reminds me of my "too much water" animation
Clockyamvs2 05.12.2020 21:22
so i was talking bout that
Clockyamvs2 05.12.2020 21:22
no when you said the drawling at the end
Potato-blurbs 05.12.2020 21:02
i call it quick drawing cause i drawed it like 6 minutes?
Clockyamvs2 05.12.2020 20:56
what quick drawling q.p
Potato-blurbs 05.12.2020 20:53
Potato-blurbs 05.12.2020 20:52
yeah thx and i did that on purpose so nobody can see that quick drawing uwu
Clockyamvs2 05.12.2020 20:52
oh you saw nothing nevermind i saw nothing i dont know what i was talking about
Clockyamvs2 05.12.2020 20:51
thats so smooth and good and you know for that drawling and message at the end you can copy and paste it copy is c paste is v