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Listen before i go

01.12.2019 21:59
song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvzE4ZofxGw as soon as i saw this was one was one of the options i did not even look at the other ones i love this song XD, srry i rlly did not use alot of the colors given i used like 3 or 4 XD but i had no idea of how to use the other colors lol hope u like itz :3


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Amelia2325 03.01.2020 01:29
EmotionLess, Omg thank u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:DD I could cry from reading this too many times XDD tysm!!!!!!!!!! :oooo
EmotionLess 02.01.2020 14:04
Very stunning...:0

As you know, im rating your picture by style, color choice, matching the song, and preference so here we go

Color choice: 5/5
Matching Song: 5/5

I saw this when you posted this, and i was like....WAOH. VERY NICE.
You did very well on the shading, and all of the colors just go...PERFECT. with the music you choosed. i could even cry right now if i look at it for too long,
its just..oowee. very nice stuff. like...really great.

Amelia2325 02.12.2019 00:13
B1uMoonGirl, ty :3333
B1uMoonGirl 01.12.2019 22:13
the MOON
such pretty!