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Megumin's Sour Note

01.12.2017 21:26
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created without reference or prexisting show animation and motivated by spite and jealously, I worked for 24 hours to bring you all this horrible insenstive joke. no regrets, really proud of all of it


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Internut 22.06.2018 15:02
wow, I only just noticed there were two towers, y'know, TWIN TOWERS

yeh I only just noticed it was a 9/11 joke but whatever
Orleon 20.02.2018 11:02
за что домик поломали?!
jojoanims 05.12.2017 17:21
really good
opendelle 05.12.2017 07:51
9/11 :v
shadowworst 04.12.2017 22:59
its really cool!!!
Mlke 03.12.2017 19:45
zefuro, check the preview that this is a continuation from to see a little bit more of how I did it.
zefuro 03.12.2017 19:27
my witch academy right?
LasanesAura 03.12.2017 18:44
LasanesAura 03.12.2017 18:43
That face tho
sealegs 03.12.2017 09:51
oh my god LOL