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gm crackheads heres some art

20.11.2019 18:42
Only like, four images i think but theyre all from art 1 https://imgur.com/a/DjX8Zfa
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lonelycousin 20.11.2019 19:56
IntenseHands, Thanks man
IntenseHands 20.11.2019 19:47
i really like that second one
Toonimator_666 20.11.2019 19:10
lonelycousin, o ty lol
lonelycousin 20.11.2019 19:10
Toonimator_666, whatever
anyways ur unblocked cuz i dont remember why u were blocked anyways
Toonimator_666 20.11.2019 19:09
lonelycousin, i am srry ;-;
lonelycousin 20.11.2019 19:09
Toonimator_666, ur not my friend i didnt know you were joking
Toonimator_666 20.11.2019 19:06
Toonimator_666, wtf.. ''doucltn'' xd
Toonimator_666 20.11.2019 19:06
lonelycousin, oh that was a joke lol, thats the thing, i was gonna comment here on toonimator_101 saying ''i was joking its amazing'' n stuff but i doucltn xd
lonelycousin 20.11.2019 19:04
Toonimator_666, ??? whats your other acc??
and if you're going to comment on shit i spent hours drawing don't say 'um ok' lol
Toonimator_666 20.11.2019 19:01
hey by the way im confused, why am i blocked by u on my other account oh right i probably did some dumb shit in 2018 to make everyone mad ok