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Hello! Let's meet!

31.03.2018 14:26
Write me everything. I want to meet English people, besides, I need to learn English. My name is Nastya, I am 13 years old. I'm an artist and writer. My character's name is Liok. Tell us about yourself in the comments.
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AnImAtOr1133 17.11.2018 20:15
So cool!
AZka357 03.05.2018 22:12
__FusH__ 31.03.2018 16:07
trinsa, I don't know that.
trinsa 31.03.2018 15:52
__FusH__, Rammtein?
__FusH__ 31.03.2018 15:50
trinsa, Yeah, i do
trinsa 31.03.2018 15:35
__FusH__, You listen to music?
__FusH__ 31.03.2018 15:04
Hello there Nastya, my name's Maruška (but in netherland im called Marie), but i like to be called Merry or Mařenka more then Marie.

I am 12, an artist in toon.
My hobby is drawing,
I have 2 pets, both are dachshunds (dog species) and they are called Milo and Lilly (one boy one girl)
I'm from Czech Republic, i was born there but i live in Netherland years now.
trinsa 31.03.2018 14:59
People? do not hesitate to write)))
trinsa 31.03.2018 14:57
DapperVoxlyy, I have Cat, it"s name Puh. And i have dog Laim.
What name has your Pets?
DapperVoxlyy 31.03.2018 14:51
trinsa, yes
I have 3 chickens
2 guinea pigs
2 dogs