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>keep fighting the fire<

05.07.2019 10:49
i honestly just feel like crying. i hate having anxiety. i know a lot of other people have it, probably even worse, but i hate it. i can't even go through a day without panicking about if i'm going to die if i cross the street, all the way to just a small pain in my body. i stopped taking my medicine a long time ago. i wish i was with my grandma tonight. she always hugs me and tells me it'll be okay
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toonimator_101 09.07.2019 23:11
Also my best friend has anxiety too <3
toonimator_101 09.07.2019 23:10
I hope ur okay >m<

(This is good tho.. I love it. <3)
thanatophobia 05.07.2019 19:15
Wing_of_fire 05.07.2019 10:57
*also Hugs*

(also, amazing pic)