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anyone who wants to join pm me

02.12.2018 04:32
I will send the list of planets to choose from. IF its a clan (MUST HAVE 2+ PEOPLE) tell me the clan name (may not be available so you may have to have to choose a new one) I need to know the leader (oc name) and owner (clan creator). Later I will need the region but not now. IF youre a loner, just sy so and I'll need the name (oc). PLANET IS NEEDED FOR BOTH


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narwhale220 25.01.2019 01:01
enzo193 24.01.2019 20:05
i want
narwhale220 02.12.2018 22:34
Matt_Attack 02.12.2018 21:49
oc name: Matt planet: Sibi
narwhale220 02.12.2018 06:04
-Hydra-, yeah, but I need planet and oc name
-Hydra- 02.12.2018 06:03
i think im already joined cuz i uh made my character and idfk
narwhale220 02.12.2018 06:02
sadason, nooo leader is an oc
and in that case owner would be matt
sadason 02.12.2018 06:01
narwhale220, clan: blobbi gang leader: matt_attack owner: me i guess lol
narwhale220 02.12.2018 04:54
sadason, ok clan, loner, I need more details sksksk
name of clan, leader, and owner(who started the clan)
otherwise I need the loners name
sadason 02.12.2018 04:48
narwhale220, pazec i guess lel