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02.07.2018 00:11
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Awkward__Artist 06.07.2018 18:17
honeybear, yep, the sandbox is infinite!
honeybear 06.07.2018 07:18
Is there room for one more in there
Serulii 05.07.2018 02:55
Awkward__Artist, y es please
ItsToonaToon 05.07.2018 01:18
Awkward__Artist, Ooh
Why tho
Awkward__Artist 04.07.2018 20:11
Serulii, you wanna dig an infinite hole into Toonator´s sandbox?
Serulii 04.07.2018 10:25
this will be me when i see my ap scores
Awkward__Artist 04.07.2018 05:00
ItsToonaToon, who said I was gonna close it? im just gonna keep on digging for eternity
ItsToonaToon 04.07.2018 04:51
but youre half ghost-
you can pass through the closed hole-
THEROLEPLAYER_ 03.07.2018 19:51
Awkward__Artist, oki
Just making sure.
Awkward__Artist 02.07.2018 20:55
THEROLEPLAYER_, I'm not saying I'm the worst, I'm just saying I'm fine remaining arch