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The creature

08.04.2019 00:16
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lemongreasexX 27.06.2019 03:53
Maybe you get this a lot? It looks a lot like SCP-1471.

Amelia2325 09.04.2019 04:04
LittleBoyBlue, LittleBoyBlue, oh ya it does, im srry i have never seen your Oc before
LittleBoyBlue 09.04.2019 04:02
Looks like my OC Katano!
Amelia2325 08.04.2019 00:32
SacredZeraora, oh ok XD
SacredZeraora 08.04.2019 00:30
Amelia2325, eh it does not matter, no need to panic
Amelia2325 08.04.2019 00:19
SacredZeraora, your angered ocs??? sorry, i dont think i ave ever seen them before
SacredZeraora 08.04.2019 00:18
this reminds me of my angered ocs