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30.11.2018 18:26
RULES: (1) Your meme must be funny!!! If it doesnt even look like it was trying to be funny, then your chances will be lower. (2) Your meme can have sound and colors. (3) Must be in by 12/15/18 1st place will get a medal 2nd will get Gp'd 3rd will get art. Good luck


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Rushy 30.11.2018 19:41
poppliotube 30.11.2018 19:04
Me i'll do
TheMemeist 30.11.2018 18:59
TheMemeist 30.11.2018 18:58
XpixelninjaX 30.11.2018 18:57
DaleksOfSkaro 30.11.2018 18:56
TheMemeist, you should have made this a 1 frame, this could potentially get you demoted because of the new mods.
Dodobroking11 30.11.2018 18:46
Liviaflower, Doesnt matter
shouldnt be in oldschool
TheMemeist 30.11.2018 18:38
zakm, Your right. Its not really a quality animation
Liviaflower 30.11.2018 18:35
zakm, well, he got passer (not from facebook)
zakm 30.11.2018 18:28
this shouldn't be in oldschool