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hey.... important sorta.. (desc)

26.01.2019 03:46
remember the times i argued at everyone in the comments all the time? sorry. i went back to it after turning 12 and meeting my 3rd quarter in 6th grade. i realised what such an overreactive kid i was. i just want to let everyone know middle school is the worst years of your life but it will teach you common sense. i look back at toons i made from months to years seperated, and i thought, "wow. i fought alot just to animate some two legged cats. i enjoyed that. but was it worth it? all of the effort to get passer on mcflurrydog06? i dont really know. but it taught me how to combat anxiety." i will continue down in the comments uwu
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Mcflurrydog 27.01.2019 04:35
no that was all good but i think it had something to do with you saying i need to improve....
zefuro 27.01.2019 04:32
Mcflurrydog06 spam 05/23/2018 17:08
heres some links:

duck him like a butthole

zefuro 05/23/2018 17:07
oh, spammers are indeed annoying

Mcflurrydog06 spam 05/23/2018 17:06
it was a joke, before i met fluffowuffo, purplefezboi kept spamming on my toons like an idiot. he left, though, so i am okay now.

zefuro 05/23/2018 17:05
why would i want you to be offended?

Mcflurrydog06 spam 05/23/2018 17:04
you are not, dont worry about it. if you want me to be offended again, ask PurpleFez to come back to toonator. ;)

zefuro 05/23/2018 17:01
bro, sorry if i am offending you, ill try to make sure that a flamewar doesnt break out in your content
Mcflurrydog 27.01.2019 04:27
zefuro 27.01.2019 04:24
Mcflurrydog 27.01.2019 04:19
huh? what was it again i forgot lol
zefuro 27.01.2019 04:16
Mcflurrydog, good to have you back here, im pretty sure you didnt tke my joke when we first met but i bet you understood exactly how this site works lol
Mcflurrydog 27.01.2019 04:14
zefuro, I just can't help myself. still at a long hiatus, but I am still active lol I'm not animating
zefuro 27.01.2019 02:50
welcome back
Mcflurrydog 26.01.2019 03:52
my birthday was like, 3 months ago...
Mcflurrydog 26.01.2019 03:52
yea, so what?