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01.10.2017 09:50
late pfp contest entry??? fluff said i should post it so uh-
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BEVERLY_HILLS 21.01.2018 19:51
crazytalk, SAME IM EXCITED!!
R0YALS 12.01.2018 17:50
<=== Toon Folder
redpoopplays_YT 26.12.2017 07:10
:3 :3 :3 :3
R0YALS 23.12.2017 18:57
darkheroine26, It depends on some things, but the main is that the owner (me, Fluffowuffo ) has to grant you access to be in for the week assigned.
darkheroine26 22.12.2017 19:55
How do you become a member?
R0YALS 14.10.2017 00:46
ZacharyTheDragon, Awww, you must be new to group accounts

Group accounts are official and require no passwords but the linking of users to the group account. All current members may go on and off as they please without any complications unless some rules are broken. - Fluff
ZacharyTheDragon 13.10.2017 21:57
R0YALS, Is you fluff? orrrr is fluff you? orrr aree you collabing?
R0YALS 03.10.2017 02:03
HoneyRifle, ack sorry for the confusion ;w; -honey
R0YALS 02.10.2017 11:22
R0YALS, yayy official motto that i just randomly made

also sorry hah-

i should've know
darn im so stupid
HoneyRifle 02.10.2017 11:19
R0YALS, oh ok