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28.06.2018 11:35
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Oh look, its Dumb and Dumber, my two favorite idiots.
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poxem 28.06.2018 12:32
moham1, he didn't, he literally went to animator immediately. dayumm
moham1 28.06.2018 12:21
poxem, he will be passed easily if he wanted too
moham1 28.06.2018 12:20
poxem, because the animation is good so it went to old school
poxem 28.06.2018 12:15
i am confusion, how is this in oldschool if he doesn't have the passer rank?
btw this is good woaw
Talia8Pie 28.06.2018 12:14
EmotionLess 28.06.2018 12:10
zyriee 28.06.2018 12:09
cuties omg
moham1 28.06.2018 12:08
Needs more attention <3
EmotionLess 28.06.2018 12:05

Just wanted to say I you were a big inspiration to me before i made my first account and I CANT THINK OF WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW SMOOTH AND GRATE THIS IS

and the other guys feet are so cute and cool to me idk why DEM FEET
Talia8Pie 28.06.2018 11:44
Talia8Pie, Oh wait nvm im dumb sorry