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The War is still coming.

28.03.2019 05:45
You think i forgot? Never.
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Kar336 01.04.2019 01:02
Excellent excellent
heyMichael 29.03.2019 00:13
BogdanCaraush 28.03.2019 16:06
i dont have telent at draw do you help me
icesore 28.03.2019 14:29
well i have a fish
TheOneAboveAll2 28.03.2019 08:52
Nah, I have a very skilled Demon, so im good.
Talia8Pie 28.03.2019 08:40
AnnikatheLlama, No, but I have a goat farm for sacrifices. You never know when you need a good demon uwu
AnnikatheLlama 28.03.2019 08:04
Talia8Pie, do you have a journal for that
THEROLEPLAYER_ 28.03.2019 06:50
ill be in my hole in the ground with pizza rolls
Talia8Pie 28.03.2019 06:05
Well at least I have my very well hidden secret bunker