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06.11.2019 18:10
So I can say some racist things to, It's mostly black jokes, but I only do it with my fam(cause we all do it) and when im pming my friends, and I only talk about other races if you start being racist as fuck to me, so that being said, I AM B L A C K. So I can say this. Stop, saying, the N word. Not as a joke, Not as a trendy thing to say, not to insault, anyone, it is CRINGY to see people (that arnt black) use it. I'm also fine if you just a random person that I do not know saying it, but if we are all in a group or watever, we talk and see eachother alot, and are kind of friends, just give me, the respect and stop blabering that word everywhere like it is a joke. please?
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EmotionLess 24.11.2019 12:49
AnimateBeast 23.11.2019 03:14
tiger08, this is why you deserved to be hacked man
tiger08 20.11.2019 07:12
n word x 5555555
EmotionLess 06.11.2019 18:21

I just made this so i can link this to people that sa y it.
EmotionLess 06.11.2019 18:20
Like I said, I have no problem, with black people using the N word in watever type of way they want,

I would even laugh about a black joke,
or any other type of racist joke,

but people, still use that word to put us down. there STILL is racism in places,

not like we are soooo sensative that we cant take anyone using that word, but there arepeeople that still want to call us that in a negative way.

so f u c k your N pass, stop saying the word.

i was about to say more but had to delete it.
coochiecatcher 06.11.2019 18:16
my friend is black and he doesnt even say it-