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~Ready For The Fllight~

22.07.2018 06:16
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AHHHhhh this took so long!!! a solid 2 months, mostly cuz i went days without working on it, then the toonapocalypse happendX'D plus modivation slumps x.x ---------the camera angles were very hard to do, especially because i had to see them all in my head XD --------------i really wanna thank @DapperVoxlyy (again) for being able to recover this after it had been deleted so i could finally finished it!!------- this song is the theme to one of my all time fave cartoons (yes i love cartoons) called wakfu. its were i got alot of my animation inspiration. plus its french canadian so it makes me feel happy for some reason XD (this is the french version)------------------------i hope you guys like it!!! and i hope the cam spasms are usefull to you! you!!
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_Disaster_ 23.11.2018 00:23
Lylaisaguyla, YES!!! AHHH
Lylaisaguyla 23.11.2018 00:11
_Disaster_ 21.11.2018 00:19
Isuckatusingmous 25.08.2018 16:28
Isuckatusingmous 25.08.2018 16:27
o: i love this song, from the shw on netfilx wakfu :D
kaitoraccoon 21.08.2018 03:49
I think this was longer the run wild
PicklesWithFruit 16.08.2018 20:13
_Disaster_, *WINCE*
oof your right.
:p sry.
Sketched-hope 07.08.2018 19:17
_Disaster_, *pat pat*
_Disaster_ 07.08.2018 19:16
Sketched-hope, WHEEEEZEEE
Sketched-hope 07.08.2018 19:15
PicklesWithFruit, S H E ' S
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