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remember offel, he's scamming now look in desc

09.12.2018 20:59
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1byNZWqrk0 join the stream, look at the title lmao
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sadason 21.07.2019 04:30
Offel, yea
Offel 05.06.2019 19:07
tigerblink, AnthTanth, sadason, that was the old me :-l,plus ion use roblox no more
tigerblink 30.12.2018 16:15
this video is unvvibabaible
sadason 10.12.2018 02:47
AnthTanth 10.12.2018 01:00
sadason 09.12.2018 21:01
also i know its roblox, he's still becoming a toxic person.