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To much candy's going to rot your soul

28.10.2018 05:50
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yeah this is one of leafy's fantasies coz he dosnt really know how to fly and sadly he really cant. (Also please dont assume leafy's species hes not a dragon wolf even thou it looks like it)-animated by canadian-leaf205 (Song lolipop- love's going to get you down)
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B1uMoonGirl 29.11.2018 17:56
Lol Leafy is SO cuuutttee<3
B1uMoonGirl 29.11.2018 17:55
Exactly. And what do you mean "soal"? Oh wait...I forgot... most people have soals!
WolfThatAnimates 15.11.2018 03:29
No such thing as to much candy, mate.
PiperTheArtsyFox 29.10.2018 03:08
omg in case someone didn't notice the title is so long the word after "your" isn't able to be seen so... they would have to click it to see that "teeth" is replaced with "soul" XDD
FLIPPY_WOLF 28.10.2018 07:04
God jobb veldig god jobb
canadian-leaf205 28.10.2018 06:29
canadian-leaf205 28.10.2018 05:54
_Disaster_, ILY too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ifitwerentforyou i woulnevervbewereaiamnowandistillhavealottolearnn
_Disaster_ 28.10.2018 05:53
HI leaf I loVE U
canadian-leaf205 28.10.2018 05:51
after all this procrastination i finally did my first fly cycle!! if you have any tips please let me know :>