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04.07.2018 05:29
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I got lazy with well over 50% of this, I was gonna shade parts of it but I didnt feel like doing that at ALL xD
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Particlesatwar 12.09.2018 20:16
uh- uh- my PSHE teacher and EX MUSIC TEACHER is called Mr Blair..

I called him Mr. I-blair-my-music-too-loudly
zefuro 04.07.2018 18:24
zefuro, if yes then pls DM me. if no, then pls insult the hell out of me
zefuro 04.07.2018 18:21
icri, bro, can i pls use and edit it?
icri 04.07.2018 09:32
Serulii, OMG tysm :0
Serulii 04.07.2018 09:19
Serulii 04.07.2018 09:18
icri, heheheh tempted to give medal--
icri 04.07.2018 09:04
Bendy2000, wym .-.
Serulii, xD ty
icri 04.07.2018 09:02
_Disaster_, ty O.o
Serulii 04.07.2018 09:02
Bendy2000 04.07.2018 08:58
why so wierd yo????????????????