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Like if you Have a Crush on Me

14.05.2018 01:03
be honest v3v <3
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Animator_Person 07.07.2018 00:41
This is so cute!
Shadow-Darkness 14.05.2018 02:52
Dragrawrxxx, yee its been a long time my friend
Dragrawrxxx 14.05.2018 02:50
your dragon animator 1 yeah <3
Shadow-Darkness 14.05.2018 02:49
Dragrawrxxx, and and made me too! :D
Dragrawrxxx 14.05.2018 02:48
oooh! i know you now
Shadow-Darkness 14.05.2018 02:48
Dragrawrxxx, we did a collab before but i put it out of toons
Shadow-Darkness 14.05.2018 02:47
Dragrawrxxx, oh sorry i forgot to tell ya its me babydragon101
Dragrawrxxx 14.05.2018 02:45
*blinks twice* no.. ^^' Shadow-Darkness
Shadow-Darkness 14.05.2018 02:44
hi remember me?
Dragrawrxxx 14.05.2018 02:35
FG_FatalHydra but people like you aren't needed here. Yeah, I might not be liked by random strangers, but if i am I would like to know. The audacity to like *gaspu* Thanks though! No harm done to me. *i have le hard time feeling bad ^^* Seriously, thanks for the "RANDOM SO YOU DONT COMMIT SWUICWIDE"